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"Therapy Poetry: 
From The Notebook of A Child Abuse 
Linda C. writes.... 

I received all three of your books today from my online order 3-4 days ago and read Therapy Poetry in one setting. It was at times raw and gut-wrenching - evoking every painful emotion imaginable - including tears, sorrow and helplessness, yet it was also spell-binding and filled with encouragement, inspiration, victory and an urgency to be an overcomer. 

What a prolific writer you are! To anyone reading this, purchase Therapy Poetry along with one for at least three family members, friends and/or even a complete stranger! You and they will be blessed.
Ged D. writes on Therapy Poetry...

Hi Clara - Your book arrived safely here in this little English village. I found it poignant and powerful - thank-you for sharing your story.
"Divinity Poetry"
Cyndi E. writes about Divinity Poetry...

This book brought tears to my eyes, it made me take a moment to stop & think & to simply reflect.....a wonderful book by a beautiful lady.
Edith F. wrote about Divinity Poetry...

Christmas is only a few weeks away! What a lovely gift for family and friends!
Edith F. writes a review, confirmation & validation:

Therapy Poetry...
My sister Clara Finley Ray's third book. Excellent.

Edith F. writes...
My sweet sister Clara Ray's second book. I received and read my copy last night. Not that I am partial, but the girl has skills! 
Joe M. writes...

Purchased your book, Divinity Poetry, for the 89th Birthday of a dear friend. Widowed for 3 years, Carrie has lost all of her hearing and is rendered immobile by an enlarged heart and swollen feet. She doesn't watch television but remains a voracious reader of all things spiritual. Holding your book aloft and smiling on our return visit, her comment was profound; "This is really good." It met a need in her life. Thank you and keep writing.

Joe Markko