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​Clara B. Ray,  Health & Wellness Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Self-Help Author, Christian Writer & Poet resides in Oklahoma City. The sixty year old mother of two and grandmother of five grew up in Ardmore, Oklahoma, as Clara Finley. She became a licensed minister in 1994, and is a State of Oklahoma retiree.

Clara is the author of eight books: The Poetry of Nature, Divinity Poetry By Clara B. Ray, Therapy Poetry: From the Notebook of a Child Abuse Survivor, Thinking Out Loud: A Book of Reflective Poems, A Book of Love Poems, 
I Wrote a Poem of Autumn: A Book of Fall Poetry, 21 Days To Fresh!: Three Weeks Without Commercially Processed Food Transformed My Appetite, and Christ The Saviour Is Born: A Christmas Card of Eleven Poems!

She has a background rich in advocacy, self-help, and health & wellness. This included two years as the health & wellness coordinator/chairperson for the Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety, and three years as a YWCA certified volunteer sexual assault & domestic violence advocate. In 1993, Clara became co-host and evangelist for a weekly broadcast on KTLV Radio; preaching on-air for three years.

In those capacities, she gained years of writing and motivational speaking experience, media exposure that included numerous television appearances, and the respect of many mental health professionals in her city.

Since those earlier years; she has been recovering from a multi-trauma automobile accident.

Currently, Clara looks forward to making a return to public speaking, and to inspiring others as a Christian writer, who is a poet and self-help author-- in ministry, art, and heart.

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About The Author
A Pouring of His Spirit

My night of salvation ...
Remains a vivid memory.

I came to God as a vessel, empty.
A vessel tired, a vessel traumatized.
A vessel bound, seeking to be free.

Every part of me broken, 
Beaten, scarred.
Every part of me abused, 
Battered and charred.

I couldn't find one part of me, 
That wasn't hurting, knotted
In emotional pain, or dented.

Then God came in,
And repaired my broken vessel.

He lifted it up, 
And poured His Spirit in it.

Clara B. Ray

Poem From My Book 
Divinity Poetry